Chinese tech giant Huawei is running out of processor chips to make smartphones due to U.S. sanctions and will be forced to stop production of its own
CTV News - 2 hours ago
WASHINGTON — China on Saturday called for frank dialog and closer cooperation in reaction to news that Trump administration officials had urged the
Financial Post - 2 hours ago
By Mac Margolis (Bloomberg Opinion) — Latin America’s baleful infrastructure is only too familiar. So, too, are the opportunity costs of years of
Financial Post - 2 hours ago
The new government has decided to restrict the size of the Cabinet to 26, though it can be increased up to 30 in terms of the 19th Amendment to the Co
Business Standard - 3 hours ago
(Bloomberg) — More evidence of U.S. intimidation designed to halt a gas pipeline linking Russia and Germany has provoked anger in Berlin and threate
Financial Post - 3 hours ago
An agreement between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia for provision of $3.2 billion worth of oil on deferred payments per annum has expired two months ago an
Economic Times - 3 hours ago
With new cars imported from EU countries set to increase in price on average by £1,500 in 2021, home-made motors are likely to be in higher demand th
Daily Mail - 4 hours ago
At the top of the list is China, which sees Trump as "unpredictable" and has been increasingly critical of the president on Covid-19, Hong Kong and Ti
Business Standard - 5 hours ago
Huawei Technologies Ltd., one of the biggest producers of smartphones and network equipment, is at the center of U.S.-Chinese tension over technology
Economic Times - 5 hours ago
SHANGHAI/SHENZHEN — Huawei Technologies Co will stop making its flagship Kirin chipsets next month, financial magazine Caixin said on Saturday, as t
Financial Post - 5 hours ago
Lam, who works closely with Chinese authorities, has scoffed at the prospect of being targeted by US sanctions
Business Standard - 5 hours ago
Buy-now-pay-later options are now available for purchases of less than $100. But is that good for consumers?
Global News - 5 hours ago
STOCKHOLM/HELSINKI — Nokia’s new chief executive Pekka Lundmark said he will take time to re-acquaint himself with the Finnish telecom equipment m
Financial Post - 5 hours ago
HONG KONG — Hong Kong financial regulators sought to calm market fears on Saturday as global financial firms in Hong Kong weighed cutting ties with
Financial Post - 6 hours ago
(Bloomberg) — Mukesh Ambani has surged past Europe’s wealthiest man, making him the world’s fourth-richest person. Reliance Industries Ltd.’s
Financial Post - 6 hours ago
Visiting explosion-ravaged Beirut this week, France's leader comforted distraught crowds, promised to rebuild the city and claimed that the blast pier
Economic Times - 7 hours ago
In a sign of the brutal cuts workers were facing at Britain's flag carrier, more than 6,000 employees applied for voluntary redundancy with 4,000 more
Daily Mail - 7 hours ago
HONG KONG — Beijing’s top representative office in Hong Kong said on Saturday that sanctions imposed by Washington on senior Hong Kong and Chinese
Financial Post - 7 hours ago
Taken together with Thursday’s twin order against the Chinese-owned video app TikTok, the move against WeChat marks a shift in the U.S.’ approach
Economic Times - 7 hours ago
Citing national security concerns, the Trump administration announced that it would bar people and property within U.S. jurisdictions from carrying ou
Economic Times - 7 hours ago