While flexi-fare (surge pricing) scheme for train tickets helped generate more income for Indian Railways, it led to a reduction in number of passenge
Politics - 4 hours ago
The government and some independent directors on the RBI board are upset with deputy governor Viral Acharya for his public outburst on protecting RBI
Politics - 5 hours ago
PM Narendra Modi will hold a meeting with US vice president Mike Pence at 12.30pm today, and will attend an ASEAN-India informal meet and the East Asi
Politics - 6 hours ago
French President Emmanuel Macron’s speech on Armistice Day warns of global chaos and death due to rising nationalism and isolationism
Politics - 7 hours ago
Government should take suitable steps to improve the share of rail transport in both freight and passenger segments
Politics - 11 hours ago
A sophisticated ‘dynamic pricing’ model will help manage demand better while optimizing revenue
Politics - 11 hours ago
WIPO director general Francis Gurry, who is in town, speaks about the need for a balance between innovation and affordability among other issues in an
Politics - 12 hours ago
The petition was filed by Zakia Jafri, wife of former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, who was among 69 people killed in Gulbarg housing society in Ahmedabad
Politics - 12 hours ago
Eric Trappier says the choice of offset partner was not dictated by the Indian government as claimed by ex-French President Hollande
Politics - 12 hours ago
British Prime Minister Theresa May’s office said the UK Cabinet would hold a special meeting Wednesday to consider the Brexit deal
Politics - 12 hours ago
RBI will inject Rs12,000 crore into the system through purchase of govt securities under OMO. The move will help ease tight liquidity situation trigg
Politics - 13 hours ago
The White House had suspended Jim Acosta’s hard pass after he sparred at a news conference with Donald Trump
Politics - 14 hours ago
The Supreme Court’s order means that Sri Lanka’s parliament will reconvene on 14 November as earlier decided by the president
Politics - 14 hours ago
The Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to hear a clutch of review petitions next month, assailing its previous Sabarimala judgment admitting adolescent w
Politics - 15 hours ago
The top four causes of the deteriorating air quality were identified to be motor vehicles, industrial units, tree cutting, and construction activities
Politics - 16 hours ago
This was always going to be an extremely difficult, extremely complex negotiation, but we are almost within touching distance now: Cabinet Office Mini
Politics - 17 hours ago
In a monthly report, Opec said world oil demand next year would rise by 1.29 million barrels per day, 70,000 bpd less than predicted last month
Politics - 18 hours ago
The names were announced in spite of the Congress-led alliance not fully resolving seat-sharing issues with two other partners, the TJS and CPI
Politics - 19 hours ago
The decision to have an open court hearing was taken by a five-judge bench led by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi following a hearing in chambers
Politics - 19 hours ago
According to the 2018 Open Doors Report, a total of 1,96,271 Indians are at present studying in the US
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