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Infosys has said it witnesses higher attrition rate among employees with two to four years experience.
Science & Technology - 2 hours ago
According to Gartner, 60 per cent of security budgets will be in support of detection and response capabilities by 2020.
Science & Technology - 3 hours ago
In the past year, TCS had signed three mega deals in insurance totalling $4 billion in value, signalling a steady turnaround in the insurance platform
Science & Technology - 6 hours ago
​​Further, 56 per cent are very concerned that someone can see everything they do or watch on their device.
Science & Technology - 7 hours ago
Soon after coming to power, the NDA government released a policy that called for open source software to be used as part of the Digital India initiati
Science & Technology - 8 hours ago
According to the Indian Cellular Association, the Mobile Standards Alliance of India (MSAI), which is accredited to the GSM Association, is misusing t
Science & Technology - 12 hours ago
A memo switches the authority to issue Notices to Appear (NTAs) in most instances from US Immigration to USCIS.
Science & Technology - 21 hours ago
Infosys has talked about growth revivals in the later part of this year on multiple fronts. Analysts, however, remain cautiously optimistic on the com
Science & Technology - yesterday
The Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) said recently that cashback offers for merchants were withdrawn from July 1.
Science & Technology - yesterday
The National Geographic channel recently carried an episode featuring famous TV anchor Katie Couric conversing with sex robots.
Science & Technology - 2 days ago
Parekh, who took charge in January, wants to consolidate gains in fiscal 2020 before accelerating in fiscal 2021.
Science & Technology - 4 days ago
Infosys has maintained revenue growth forecast at 6-8% in constant currency terms for fiscal 2019, and also reiterated the operating margin guidance o
Science & Technology - 4 days ago
While Azure Virtual WAN can be procured in a way familiar to most Public Cloud users, Citrix "SD-WAN" can be purchased directly from Citrix channel pa
Science & Technology - 4 days ago
For the case, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) considered 'Market for Online Search Advertising Services in India' as the relevant one.
Science & Technology - 5 days ago
Facebook, the world's largest social network with more than 2 billion users, creates categories such as "sports" or "music" based on people's online i
Science & Technology - 6 days ago
To prevent the proliferation of fake news and and ensure utmost security for its users, Twitter has taken these steps
Science & Technology - 6 days ago
JioGigaFiber will become the biggest repository of users’ private data in the world’s largest democracy. That is as frightening as it is spectacul
Science & Technology - 6 days ago
Users will need to have the latest supported version of WhatsApp on their phone to see the new forwarded label, the company explained.
Science & Technology - 7 days ago
The NCLT in its Tuesday order stated that under the scheme of amalgamation, all the property, rights and powers of Bharti Digital Networks will now be
Science & Technology - 7 days ago
The Mountain View-California headquartered company said in a statement that it is committing $25 million towards a "YouTube-specific investment"
Science & Technology - 7 days ago

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