Walmart is conducting a child car seat recycling event through Sept. 21. If you turn in a seat, you get a $30 Walmart gift card.      
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Hormel Foods announced Monday that it is "allowing customers to look beyond lattes and donuts" by introducing a pumpkin spice version of Spam.    
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Most Americans say they're behind in their retirement savings, but they're willing to take these steps to catch up, a survey shows.      
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Taking the new iPhone 11 Pro out for a test ride. How does it perform in tough lighting conditions? We compared it to the 3-year-old iPhone 8.    
Usatoday - 12 hours ago
You can take an extra 30% off on new jeans, denim jackets, and more during the Levi's Friends and Family event.       
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Fitbit shares jumped Friday after a report that the smartwatch maker was exploring a sale.      
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You can get up to three candles for free right now at Yankee Candle.       
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New documentary from Fox News journalist sheds light on how artificial intelligence is changing business.       
Usatoday - 22 hours ago
GM and the UAW are in day 7 of the strike. They continue to negotiate. One area where the union says GM fell flat is with its profit sharing offer.
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Some Republicans are pushing an idea to tie the tax to inflation, which would lower what many owe. Democrats want to see the rich pay more.     
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Get your weekend off to a great start with these deals happening on Amazon now.       
Usatoday - 24 hours ago
Mercedes-Benz on Saturday unveiled the Vision Mercedes Simplex, adding a new-age look to the Mercedes 35 PS from 1901.      
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In Manhattan, a giant clock displays a rising U.S. debt total — almost $23 trillion for now. Pundits say it's big trouble. But is it?      
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Subaru Outback, Chevy Blazer, Ford Explorer, BMW 330i, Lexus RX among 10 vehicles with best user experiences.       
Usatoday - 2 days ago
While loyalty to GM runs deep, loyalty to one of the most powerful labor unions in America runs deeper.       
Usatoday - 2 days ago
Billionaire Robert F. Smith and his family have donated $34 million to Morehouse College to pay off 2019 graduates' student loans and parent loans.
Usatoday - 2 days ago
Studebaker was based in South Bend, Indiana and the cars are collected around the world.       
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When it comes to your online privacy, you might not think there's much you can do to protect it. But you can start by identifying some common myths. 
Usatoday - 2 days ago
For people looking to buy a new General Motors car or truck, will showrooms still have enough vehicles with the company's autoworkers on strike?  
Usatoday - 2 days ago
General Motors is recalling more than 107,000 of its Chevrolet Trax small SUVs because a suspension weld can break and cause steering problems.  
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