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SCL, the company Oakes founded, has been active in the developing world, in markets as far flung as South Africa, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal and India.
Economic Times - 2 hours ago
Facebook is hustling to reassure advertising partners—and prevent damage to its core business—as a handful of marketers have suspended advertising
Wsj - 2 hours ago
NASA's will get $20.7 billion -- $1.1 billion more than 2017 funding and $1.6 billion above the White House request -- under a spending bill that clea
Financial Express - 4 hours ago
Apple reportedly consulted with top  organisations  for differently-abled, such as the American Council of the Blind, Cerebral Palsy Foundation and
Zeebiz - 4 hours ago
 Redmi Note 5 price starts at Rs 9,999. But before deciding to buy, have you done your homework to ensure you get the best product that is virtually
Zeebiz - 5 hours ago
 In a grotesque move, law enforcement agencies have started using the fingers of dead people to unlock their Apple iPhones, at least in for investiga
Zeebiz - 6 hours ago
The Google-owned company highlighted how YouTube is associated with India`s internet growth story at "Brandcast 2018" event as it celebrated its 10th
Zeebiz - 6 hours ago
Elon Musk, meanwhile, made waves, saying in a Twitter exchange that he would take down the Facebook sites for his companies Tesla and SpaceX.
Economic Times - 6 hours ago
The FCC is considering a new rule to further curb the U.S. business of Huawei, making it harder for small and rural carriers to purchase gear from Chi
Wsj - 7 hours ago
According to data from Warp Speed Reads, a telecom and technology research firm, call volumes on WhatsApp and other app platforms jumped by 87% to 86.
Economic Times - 10 hours ago
Six of Qualcomm’s directors, including Chief Executive Steve Mollenkopf, failed to win support from a majority of the company’s shares Friday.
Wsj - 10 hours ago
Prosecutors unsealed criminal charges accusing nine Iranians of years of cyberattacks on behalf of the Iranian government to steal data from hundreds
Wsj - 10 hours ago
Cloud software-services company Pivotal Software., a spinoff of EMC and VMware, plans to go public.
Wsj - 10 hours ago
Here are the tools you need to turn off some of Facebook Inc.’s creepiest, snoopiest features, or end your relationship with the social network comp
Wsj - 13 hours ago
Shares of data-storage company Dropbox opened 38% higher in their market debut, a sign of strong interest in a company with $1 billion in revenue.
Wsj - 13 hours ago
You avoid a lot of pedaling, but it’ll cost at least three times the price of a commuter bike.
Wsj - 14 hours ago
This week’s uproar over Facebook Inc. started years ago, with the mishandling of user data. Now that incident, and what followed, is at the center o
Wsj - 15 hours ago
Critics of a longstanding practice that sends leftover money from class-action settlements to parties not affiliated with the litigation, known as cy
Wsj - 15 hours ago
A deadly crash in Arizona involving an autonomous vehicle operated by Uber Technologies Inc. spotlights a pedestrian-safety problem that is getting in
Wsj - 15 hours ago
Alpha Trading Labs, a startup, is taking an unusual approach to high-frequency trading: crowdsourcing. The company, which launched its do-it-yourself
Wsj - 16 hours ago

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